Grooming - Cat and Dog Groom Sessions

Stan's Pals Cat and Dog Grooming services are available at our Doggie Deli Monday to Saturday by prior appointment only. 

We have a wide range of treatments available for cats and all take place in our relaxing therapy room. 

Here your cat can be sure of a relaxed environment which is well equip to cope with all feline grooming requirements. 

The therapy room is very secure to avoid any worries that your cat may become stressed and escape. Also swe are able to make sure this is a dog free zone on cat grooming days for nervous cats. None of the usual shop dogs are allowed anywhere near the therapy room when we are expecting cats who may be nervous to be groomed so we can ensure a relaxing and stress free environment. 

The groomers have years of experience of working with cats and will make sure they have a positive experience. 

We also make use of pet remedy in the therapy room to add to the relaxed atmosphere. this helps calm your pet without sedating and helps stressed cats become more settled and be able to enjoy the pamper time. 

Our cat treatments include - 

  • Dry groom pamper treatment
  • Wet groom pamper treatment with luxury bath
  • Dry Deshedding treatment
  • Wet Deshedding treatment
  • Matting clinic

If you require a service that is not listed please ask to speak to one of our cat team for guidance as we are happy to adapt if it helps you and your cat :)

We are able to offer a wide range of dog grooming treatments in  our smaller downstairs groom room but watch this space for special offers when we open up the large upstairs pamper room which will be behind our animal assisted therapy sitting room. 

Our purpose made pamper room for dogs is currently being planned, built and kitted out. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates about our opening which will be later in the year - there will be lots of special offers to celebrate the opening. 

Until this large groom room is open our services for dogs will be very limited and booking is essential due to limited space.

Dog services available currently include - 

  • Doggie pedicures
  • De-shed treatments
  • Face and feet pamper session 
  • Dental hygiene session
  • Full groom pamper session including nails, bathing with conditioning treatments and any clipping required followed by drying and finishing to leave your pet sweet smelling and free from loose hair

Other animals

It is not only dogs and cats that sometimes need some help from a person with tools and experience! We also offer support with rabbits and poultry. 

Chicken wing clip - £5 per bird

Rabbit nail clip - £8

Baths can sometimes be prescribed by your vet for a variety of animals and we may to help so pop in and discuss what you need. 

Long haired rabbits and guinea pigs may be matted, feet on poultry sometimes need attention...... we can help :)

Our team have  a wide variety of training and experience and have coped with most grooming problems in all sorts of different pets.