Dog Massage Therapy

Canine Massage Therapy in our therapy room at Stan's Pals Doggie Deli

Sessions are tailored to your dogs needs in length and in physical contact time. 

Prices start at £30 for a 30 minute session ensuring comfort and connection with our fully trained and qualified myotherapist, Ellie (Dip.canine myotherapy).

At Stan's Pals we are committed to providing a helping hand towards all aspects of your animals care. As such, we are very keen in working alongside your vets to ensure that pain is managed well and preventative measures can be taken to ensure long, happy lives. We offer a canine myotherapy (canine massage) service to do just that, as well as it having many other positive benefits to make sure your dog can live its best life. 

Animal massage has a long and rich history tracing back thousands of years and can be seen in wild through grooming; we are keen to continue this beneficial practice to domesticated animals. 

Dogs have intricate muscular and skeletal systems that can suffer just like human structures and as such the ailments that befall them can benefit from the same practices. If a dog has for instance arthritis, there is a specific set of finger techniques that can help to ease the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. If a dog has a sporting injury, massage can help loosen compaction and stress to muscles easing pain. If a dog is stressed and worried, massage can help calm and ease anxiety as well as building a strong bond between owner and pet. This in turn builds confidence and leads to a happier dog and a more enjoyable life for dog and dog parent together. 

Massage therapy is beneficial to all dogs, not just those that have injuries or ailments but it is especially recommended for those with:

  • mobility issues 
  • chronic pain
  • sporting injuries
  • stress and anxiety problems
  • age related aches and pains
If you think Massage therapy could help your canine companion then please don't hesitate to get in touch, our trained staff are more than happy to help with any inquiries.