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Teeth Problems

In the groom rooms mum usually cleans dog’s teeth when they come for a pamper treatment. Some of them really like it.  Some don’t like it and if their teeth get bad they have to go and let the vet clean them under aesthetic which isn’t nice for them so it is best to try and keep the teeth clean without the vet helping.


Mum also offers a tooth cleaning treatment where she gives your dog’s teeth a good clean and even removes some of the staining build up that some dogs have. This is basically a bit like them going to the dentist for a hygienist appointment and some dogs are very good when this is being done and hold nice and still and even open their moths nicely! This can avoid them having to have this done at the vets under aesthetic, so it is well worth booking in and seeing if your dog likes having their teeth sorted out – mum is pretty good at convincing them it is a good idea!

Having teeth cleaned in the groom room costs just £10 which is not only nicer than having a treatment  at the vets but it is much cheaper! If they have a lot of plaque to be scrapped off then they mat need to have a couple of visits or even more to sort it but she can get a fair bit done in each session :)

To book a dental session just give mum a call on 07887 638 891 or send her a message.#



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