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Crufts and stuff that can go wrong with dogs

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Crufts is going on right now – it seems they have made a mistake because I have not been invited!

I have been watching it on TV with Tommy and Bell and we are really enjoying it.

I was very interested to hear about the five things that us dogs have wrong with us the most often and I wanted to share those with you now in case you missed it –

  1. Ear disease
  2. Dental problems
  3. Anal sac impaction
  4. Over grown claws
  5. Arthritis

In our house we have already acknowledged these are things we need to keep an eye on and mum tries to help prevent any health problems for us all and also for the dogs she works with.

  1. Ears – mum takes a look in our ears most days and she even sniffs us! This is so she gets to know what is normal for us and can spot any changes. If she sees or smells something that is not quite the same as usual she would be nipping us down to see our friend Kelly at Brightside Vets.

When dogs come into the shop for grooming, and cats, mum cleans their ears with a special wipe which she also uses on us sometimes. She never uses cotton buds as she thinks it is best not to go poking around in ears. Tommy has floppy ears and so does Bell. He is a bit of a mucky dog and gets mud and stuff round his ears sometimes, so mum does clean him up but not more than a wipe around and she would never push anything into the ear canal to clean it as the dirt can get pushed further in.

20180309_100223[1] Mum uses these to clean our eyes and is very gentle. 

  1. Teeth – Tommy and I regularly have our teeth cleaned – I like this very much so mine get done the most often! We have a finger tooth brush and doggie tooth paste which tastes really good. Bell has really sparkling white teeth and has never had hers cleaned as mum thinks there is no need because they are spotless. We all chew on raw bones at least once a week and mum says this is what has kept Bell’s teeth so nice.

In the groom rooms mum usually cleans dog’s teeth when they come for a pamper treatment. Some of them really like it.  Some don’t like it and if their teeth get bad they have to go and let the vet clean them under aesthetic which isn’t nice for them so it is best to try and keep the teeth clean without the vet helping.

20180305_124051[1] Tia likes having her teeth cleaned as well :)

I like to chew bones and so do my friends! They help to keep our teeth clean :)


  1. Anal sacs! Me and Tommy have never had any problem with these thank goodness. Bell has a couple of times and has had to go and see the vet. Mum thinks eating bones helps avoid this but that some dogs, like Bell, are more likely to have issues around their bottoms! She also thinks you should not go around expressing anal sacs for your dog and I agree! If you have a problem around that area go and see the vet to get it sorted and don’t go letting your human mess about – to be graphic instead if coming out it can go further in so this is not a job to be done at home, or at the groomers, it is for the vet only!
  2. Over grown claws – I walk A LOT and I also have to confess that I nibble my nails if they get a bit too long. So does our Tommy. Bell does sometimes but hers do occasionally get a bit sharp so because she is therapy dog mum files hers so she doesn’t scratch people by accident.  Some of the dogs mum walks need to visit her groom room to have their nails trimmed because they grow fast. It doesn’t take mum long to do them, and it only costs £5 for most dogs.
  3. Arthritis – our mum has this and she is keen to avoid us getting it so we get fed golden paste as a diet supplement. You can buy it in the shop and mum thinks it really is good stuff.   If your dog has problems getting up or seems to have stiff joints nip and see the vet as a lot can be done to help nowadays and there is no need for your dog to be in pain.


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