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Wedding dress bargains to help pet families in crisis

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I think weddings are a waste of time and money but it seems humans like them so some of my human fans might like what is happening in my shop for Swad wedding fair!

We have a fund to help pet families in crisis and we need to keep plenty of cash in there so we cna help people out. There never is enough so we need to work out good plans to get some money together. We are having a wedding sale and we have loads of posh dresses, ones for brides, ones for bridesmaids and ones for people who want to go to weddings looking all pretty! Also of course you can come and see the dresses and wear them to other events not just weddings! 

The sale will take place upstairs in our shop and there will be lots of space to try things on in the groom room, a nice comfy place to sit and sip prosecco for anyone who just comes to watch (and maybe pay!)

There will be some amazing bargains - we will post a few pictures near the time of the lovely dresses - prices start around £25 for dresses that cost £100s and are in lovely clean condition :) 

Mum says I can't come to the sale but Bell might be there getting cuddles as usual!

See you all soon

Love ya


P.S the pic is me mate Oscar who likes to show off and he said I could have his biscuits if I showed everyone a picture of him! Ain't he lovely?


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