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Mum is always checking our teeth! She does not need to worry our teeth are much better than most dogs and cats. Bell's are bright white and me and Tommy  have pretty good nashers as well.

20180124_092748[1]   20180124_092754(0)[1] Bell's beautiful teeth.

Customers in the shop often ask how they can make sure their dogs teeth are kept nice and clean and mum tells them the best way is to get your dog to chew on raw bones.  Trust me  it is a job we all love in our house!

We get raw bones a couple of times a week and giving them a good chew keeps our teeth clean and strong.

20180124_122917[1] I LOVE to chew on a chicken carcass from Natural Instinct!

Tommy's Absolute FAV of all time is chicken wings. In Stan's Pals Doggie Deli we sell these from Natures Menu :)

20180124_122855[1]  Bell just loves all bones! 20180124_122838[1]

If you have not been lucky enough to have chewed on raw bones regularly since you were a pup like us then you may need to do a bit more work cleaning your teeth up. In the Doggie Deli we sell tooth brushes and tooth paste specially for dogs and cats and Tommy actually likes having his teeth done – something to do with the taste of the tooth paste I think!  Don’t use human stuff it is bad for dogs and cats. 


Dental work at the vets costs a fair bit of cash and that money would be far better spent on dog toys or cat treats! Also I would much rather turn up to see Kelly at the vets, be given a quick once over, and be sent home with a clean bill of health. Much better than having to be booked in to have my mouth messed about with. 

The pics below were taken on a trip to Brightside Vets in Swad and show what teeth can end up looking like - the owner will be getting a bill for dental work of over £300 for each of these poor cats. Cats need to chew as well; although Tommy has said I need to let everyone know they have to get their own bones - they can't eat ours!

20180123_155414[1]  20180123_160816[1]

I am off to nap now before I do some barking at people going past the house - see you soon. Love Stan.




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