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Let's talk poo bags!


I know lots of people will think ohhhh yuck but seriously you humans need to put more effort into making decisions on how to clean up! I am fed up of seeing people using thin flimsy bags that just don't do the job! Get yourself kitted out with ones that are at least strong enough so your fingers don't go through at crucial moments! 

Also we need to think about the future. Are the bags you use biodegradable?  Have you watched Blue Planet? Bell and I love watching all the waves and the fish and the dolphins and...... what was that? Oh Tommy? No he hides under the sofa cushions when Blue Planet is on, he is scared of seaweed! Sorry I am going off topic! Back to poo bags..... make sure the ones you use won't be strangling a whale baby in 10 years!

20180119_175307  20180119_175507

We sell the ones pictured at the Doggie Deli and they are approved by Mum. X

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