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I am Stan the terrier and I am in charge at Stan's Pals - I let the humans do most of the work of course but I run the show.  I have been selling my stuff online for a long time but this is my new website and the first one where I am taking charge of things myself helped by my team who I shall introduce shortly.

I am a Plummer terrier and I live with my mum Tina and I am the best dog she has ever had! She loves me the most and trusts me much more than the others! I am sometimes accused of being a bit big headed and even a little bossy but that is NOT true as you will come to find out if you read my blogs. I am very good looking so here is one of Tina's fav photos of me for you to enjoy..... I will go for a nap now and you can meet my friend Tommy and my girl friend Bell later..... 


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