Stan's Pals Doggie Deli - Dog and Cat Treats and more ....

Stan's Pals Doggie Deli

Tasty treats for dogs and cats on sale in our town centre shop and online Dog and Cat Grooming, Dog Training, Doggie Massage, Dog Walking, Pet sitting and more!

Our Doggie Deli is DEFRA approved! :) 

Our treats have been subjected to a course of testing in a laboratory and we have had inspections by vets and DEFRA officials to ensure we are doing everything we can to make sure our treats are super good for your dogs and cats. 


Customer review from a happy user of our groom room:-

"Although our Tasha is a bit of a stubborn pup (at almost 14), she came back smelling and feeling beautiful! Her coat and skin have improved wonderfully after a pamper session, which is super after she’s recently been diagnosed with cushings so her skin can irritate her quite a bit. Thanks so much for looking after her!"